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Do you love your neighborhood but need a bigger kitchen? Are you expecting a new addition to your family and need another bedroom? Is your growing family feeling cramped in your current home? There are plenty of reasons why you may consider a home addition or even a small ADU as an option.

Perhaps you would like to treat yourself to a luxurious master bedroom with a private en suit bathroom to enhance your lifestyle. Whatever the case, a properly executed approach to your needs will change the way you will feel about your new space.

Edkor Construction Renovations ADU/Additions
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Edkor Construction Renovations ADU/Additions
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Make the most of your home

There is always that time in our lives that we wish to have more space to accommodate friends or family. That is why we are here. We make sure to listen to what you say, address all your concerns, and make the whole process a positive experience.

Our standard working process guarantees each choice we make and all that we do is effective, straightforward, and to your greatest advantage.

Let’s make it a place you’re excited to visit every day!

How It Works

Get Your New ADU / Addition in 3 Simple Steps

Process - Design consultation

Phone Consultation About Your Project

The first step is to send us photos of your existing space you want to renovate as well as images of how you want it to look in the future.

We’ll go over the specifics over the phone, discuss pricing and timelines to ensure we’re a good match, and then arrange the in-home consultation.

Process - Building Your Dream

Let The Dream Come True

We strive to design your ideal ADU/Addition.

We’ll work together to finalize the specifics, from selecting accents to determining how to enhance the new space.

Process - Enjoy Your New Space

Take Advantage of The New Environment

We work hard to build your ideal ADU/Addition, when it is finished and ready to take over to realize its full potential all you have to do is to enjoy your new gorgeous space!

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ADU / Additions Pricing

Base ADU / Addition Remodels Starting at*


Convert existing attached space/garage into a studio with kitchenette, basic bathroom, windows, doors, painting

Elements Square

Average ADU / Addition Remodels Starting at*


Master bedroom addition with 1 room of your choice  included.

High-End ADU / Addition Remodels Starting at*


Kitchen Addition with 1-2 rooms of your choice  included or a Complete freestanding ADU.

* Prices are averages and may change depending on your site conditions, square footage, choice of materials, appliances, and finishes. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique ADU / Addition after the in-house consultation.

We Are Open About Our Prices

It is very exciting to do project with you. In order to be very involved, and provide the highest attention to detail on your project, we are only taking on a handful of qualified clients in each section per year. That is why we always have to look at the value of our time. We know what it takes to run business to get the outcome you desire. We also know that Our Process and quality craftsmanship is Not for everyone.

Our focus is to deliver top notch Quality Product and we understand that Change Orders are problem for a client.

Here is Our Price Promise Guarantee

We keep to schedule and stay withing budget, unless:

1. Scope of Work outlined has changed.

2. Additional work has been requested.

It Is That Simple!


We are Honest, Transparent and Upfront.


Financing Available!


We’ve teamed up with HFS Financial to offer low-interest financing.

100% Personal Loans    –    Every $10k as low as $89/month

Fixed Rates as Low as 2.99%    –    Terms up to 20 Years

Fund ANY Project within 48 hours    –    Loans up to $500,000

This is a confidential process between you and HFS Financial.

For more information or to apply:



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